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Nobel Son

 Oh my God. Best afternoon I've had in a while.

Lunch with LeAnn was interesting as it usually is. Chinese food was a wise choice.

Then went up to the theatre. Early, as I always am. Got my popcorn and what not, then went and got my ideal seat. OH MY GOD. I think it might best to do this in list form:
(1) Alan Rickman's character has a wife named Sara... I just about melted.
(2) Sex scene, oh yes my friends... I'm giggling as I write this.
(3) Alan Rickman... in general
(4) Not only did I get to hear Rickman say my name, but Bill Pullman too. I cannot wait for this movie to come out on DVD. 

There was a bit that might be difficult for the squimish. Particularly during the opening credits. But it was a well written movie and a bit of a comedy/drama/thriller/mystery/action + AR sex scene...

Aside from that, this day was pretty good. Got an override so that I could get into a pop culture class next semester, new fanfiction chapter to read (yay for someone finally updating), Lipstick Jungle has been moved an hour earlier which means I don't have to flip back and forth with Numb3rs, and last but not least, a box of Smith's hot dogs arrived from Erie today... Good day.


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Dec. 9th, 2008 02:09 pm (UTC)
The first part of the movie was pretty gross. The sound effects were worse than just watching. Blech. But Alan Rickman desk-sex more than made up for it. I saw it twice in a row on Sunday and I'll probably see it again while it's in theaters. I was all alone for the first five minutes or so the first time I watched it, before a man came into the theater. There were only the two of us in the entire theater. The second time, I was alone for the whole movie. I was disappointed that it was just me. I wished more people would've seen it, but I did enjoy having the whole theater to myself. I got to watch all the Alan parts by myself and squee! I can't wait for the DVD. The entire movie was great. It kept me guessing until the end.

I'm just hoping one of these days he does a movie with a character named Monica!
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