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Lovely Words - DA Drabble

Title: Lovely Words
Author: Moony88
Rating: PG
Character/s: Anna, Bates; Anna/Bates
Warnings: Conversation between the sheet
Word Count: 206

Words that bear repeatingCollapse )

Oh LJ, you have been sorely neglected.

Might as well update a bit here.
Started looking for my internship for the summer. Applied at Conan and at Craig Ferguson. Fingers crossed. But I'm also going to apply to some production companies to do script coverage, since I kick ass at doing coverage.

Did Locks of Love last month, cut 13 inches off and got bangs. It's kinda awesome, just a matter of getting use to.

Started watching some new shows. Twin Peaks, Moonlighting, Merlin, I tried Buffy but got distracted by Giles and started looking up everything that Anthony Head has been in.

Also I have fallen victim to Tumblr.

More updates to come. This was horribly succinct and to the point :)


Putting my headsets on and knocking out this paper! RIGHT NOW! Have to stop procrastinating, which I've done all day. Doing it NOW.

That Time of the Year Again

Emmy Season!! Yay!

My guesses and what not are all here: http://moony-ageekslife.blogspot.com/ at the blog. So take a look if you feel like it.

Fangirl Dilemma

A Rickman find that I'm so giddy about but can't put on twitter or facebook because the mocking that would follow would take all my fun out of it.

Okay so this rare Rickman movie was posted on youtube and the first thing that Rickman says is while he's on the phone, lets add my responses where they don't have the sound:

"Sara? It's me."
Me: Oh sweet mother of God, so it is!
Me: I think I'm going to faint.
"Not now."
Me: Right. Keeping it together.
"Listen, I've got a light day... Why don't I come over to the flat?"
Me: What? Why?
"Lunch." Said in That way.
Me: *Giggles* Well okay, but I don't really have... anything at all to eat.
"No, no, that doesn't matter."
Me: Oh! You mean "Lunch" like dirty stuff!
"Okay, see you in a while."
Me: Yeah ya will!
"Bye bye."

And then we see what he meant by lunch:

Big Bang Theory

I've moved out of the realm of Office wallpapers and expanded to Big Bang Theory. Behold:

... All started with a Big BangCollapse )

Comic-Con 2009 Burn Notice

There's a SPOILER in the comments just FYI

Victor back from the dead to moderate!

The whole panel:

Bruce, be still my heart!

SO much more which I'll post later, super tired. Also got a free Burn Notice t-shirt!

More Wallpaper

I was bored and made some more random wallpapers.
A few from: Customer Survey, Casual Friday, Cafe Disco, Lecture Circuit, and Prince Family Paper.


Behold the FandomCollapse )

Office Wallpapers!

I made four wallpapers! All Office.

Behind the CutCollapse )

My First Complete Huddy fic!! Yay!

Title: The Return and The Band
Summary: House is discharged. A little out of character but not much.
Song fic, one-shot and my first complete Huddy fic!
Spoilers for Season 5, in particular the last couple of episodes.

Up on Cripple CreekCollapse )

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