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Prompt: Photo Shoots

Subject: Vincent D'Onofrio
Prompt: Photo Shoots
# of Pictures: 10

He's just so tall!Collapse )

Writer's Block: Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Describe your idea of a perfect summer vacation.

July 22 thru July 26, Comic-Con baby! Is there anything more perfect than fandom packed days surrounded by other people who don't think that you're insane because you think it's fun to dress up like comic book characters? It's just good fun! And the perfect summer vacation.

A Selection of Glasses

Subject: Actors with corrective eyewear or out in the sun
Prompt: Glasses
# of pictures: 7
Innocent Bystanders: Kirstin Dunst, the back of a blonde girl's head.
Note: My first pic spam! I'm very excited!

Some girls make passes at boys who wear glassesCollapse )

Last Leno

So the last Tonight Show with Jay Leno just ended.

Weird... Don't get me wrong, I have absolute love for Conan and cannot wait for Monday to see him take over. But I've been watching Leno since about 97 or 98 I think. It was something I only got to see on Friday night or during breaks from school. I can't remember exactly what my first episode was, but I have it narrowed down to 2. It was either when they had a bit about how the people who come up to the stage to shake Jay's hand in the beginning are actually getting up because there was a man with a giant stick poking them. Or it was a Christmas episode when there was this younger kid and they were outside in this fake snow and they started throwing snow balls at santa. Truly bizarre the things that my mind hold on to.

It's the strangest thing, I am not an emotional person. I don't cry very much but there was definite crying tonight. I seriously don't understand how things that happen in real life get compartmentalized so easily but TV shows and movies make me cry like a little girl... oddity.

I knew that I had been missing Conan every night but I didn't realize how much until he was on Jay tonight. And I'm so excited for Monday, my first full episode of Late Night with COB had Will Ferrell as a guest. His first guest this coming Monday? Will Ferrell, how's that for a fun little circle!

Another post on Monday for sure.

Cassette Tape Reflection

So I caught Clueless on TBS this weekend. It's been so long since I had seen it.
It reminded me of the very first time I had seen it, at my then-best friend's house. She had gotten it on VHS and it was such a big deal because it was a "teenager movie." That was what we thought high school was going to be. We said "Whatever" and "As If" and pictured ourselves going to parties and wearing platform shoes.
But the big thing for me was the music. I bought the cassette tape with my allowance and used to play it on my walkman ALL THE TIME. So I thought I would take a moment and reflect on a few of the songs that I loved most and still adore:

Kids in America - The Muffs: A cover and gets me just as excited now as it did when I was little.

All The Young Dudes - World Party: Another cover. So a big portion of the current generation are going to hear this song and think about Juno. No sir. I will forever hear it and think of Clueless.

Where'd You Go? - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: This song still gets randomly stuck in my head and I'll think about when I had to use a pencil and literally rewind the tape into the cassette.

Alright - Supergrass: That piano starts in the beginning and my mind instantly goes to the opening dialogue... I have a freakish memory for dialogue.

Supermodel - Jill Sobule: My tape actually squeaked because I had played this song so many times. Including after prom, when I left and drove myself home in my pink gown. Bad Mood? Turn this song up LOUD and dance around.

And that was my bizarre look back. Thank goodness I don't have to rewind tapes any more.

Random Pic

One of the baby owls from the nest outside of the post office:

Baby Owl is unamused... and will now steal your soul.


Deaf Expo was pretty much what is sounds like. A little overwhelming considering the fact that the majority of us have only been signing for about 4 months now. Went over to Hard Rock for lunch. Before that though, think of the worse possible spelling error you could make for Hard Rock... Got it? That's what Amanda accidently finger spelled to our friend's girlfriend. She was a little surprised. The rest of us were merely amused.

I was there for about... gosh, 4 hours? That sounds like a long time... wow. My back hurts a little from standing around. But it was fun to hang out with people again. Socializing, what a concept!

The show on Friday was actually sketch and not improv. But it was still really good and I'm looking forward to their next set of auditions cause I'm totally going to try out.

Church tomorrow, hopefully hearing from the movie theatre, and getting some new jeans because as I discovered yesterday my other pair are too big. To the point that they were weighed down by my iPod and just about came off. Magical discovery.

Seth Rogan on SNL tonight! Yay! Until then I'm just going to work on some papers and maybe a little on the script if the mood takes me.

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Burn Notice, I'm trying my hand at it.

COB - Reflections

So here I am. Waiting for the last episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien to start. A little over two hours to go. I've been feeling nostalgic for the last couple of weeks. This has been one of those shows that I got to grow up with, literally. My first episode was when I was 11 years old, in 6th grade. It was March 2000 and Will Ferrell was the guest, he came out dressed like a "sexy" leprechaun... and I was hooked.

Since then Late Night became a constant for me. During middle school I would only watch on Fridays, cause I was still working with a bed time. In high school I found a way to function on low amounts of sleep and would stay up during the week. And when moving from PA to AZ and starting college I continued to be fascinated by the off the wall comedy. Some of my best memories are from watching Late Night with friends or by myself.

Old-Time Baseball, I remember the summer when this aired. I wasn't going to watch because Michael Moore was on that night. But I put it on for the monologue. Then this insane remote started. My friend KP and I were IMing and watched it "together." I laughed so hard I actually started to cry. After that shouting "You ass!" became a favorite past time.

Digital Photography class senior year was spent drawing Conan themed cartoons. Which I still have some where. And should fame ever befall me and I get to be a guest on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, those cartoons are coming with =)

I have watched this show in 13 different states and Canada.

Conan and this show have played a large part of who I am now. In grade school I was the girl with the weird sense of humor. People didn't always find me funny because I would try and dial down my absurdity. Then I watched Late Night and erased that trait as quickly as possible. This show helped me become the sarcastic, slightly awkward, quick, unabashedly geeky woman I am today. For that, I am eternally grateful.

3 months without Conan? My head might cave in...

A few favorite Conan moments of mine:

I can name either the episode or the season from which the WTR clip is from...

Conan Dance compilation:

Not from Late Night but so glorious:

My Valentine's Day Plans

I'm going to work through my Rickman DVDs.

Tomorrow I have Reality Show Rituals in the morning, maybe an afternoon movie.
Running out of Conan episodes =(

I've got Love written on my arm for tomorrow, do you?

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